XiScan is a portable. modular fluoroscopic imaging system. It's an easy to use system that fits the needs  of today's practice. The unit has been designed for the radiographic diagnosis of bone injuries in extremities within orthopedic rooms, as well as for usage in offices, surgery and emergency rooms.

It´s design, arm's handling and workplace (the lightest in the market) allow you to work at any angle and position.


Allows surgery and interventions with direct vision and control:

  • Dynamic control on examination

  • Surgeon's autonomy

  • Easy to use and little space requeriments

  • Radiology technician not required,

Diagnosis and emergencies:

  • Waiting lists reduction

  • Space and time optimitation.

  • No special room insulation is required for its use.

  • Diagnosis in situ

  • Control evolution of the treatments during patients recovery or  rehabilitation.


Rehabilitation/Sports medicine:


•Tendons display in tissue injuries.


•Low dose expositions.


  • Small size care centers.

  • Mobile units.

  • Temporary locations.

  • Events

  • Workcenters, sports and , penitentiaries.

  • Veterinary.

Use for:

  • Hospitals

  • Pivate orthopedic clinics

  • Podiatry private rooms

  • Outpatient medical centers

  • Rehabilitation centers

  • Sports medicine centers

  • Occupational accident assurance denters

  • Corporated medical centers

  • Veterinary clinics

  • Medical mobile units

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